Thank you for your interest in my story. My background, experience and skills are geared to help you effectively start, develop and grow your business.

I am a business mentor, who has actually ran my own businesses and advised many more in various advisory roles.

My core experience comes from running my own businesses, mentoring others and in senior roles that included strategy, marketing & sales, finance, operations, health & safety and people management.

I work with business owners and entrepreneurs to review the key areas for your business and establish what we need to focus on to make it work for you, your team (internal & external) and to the expectation of your ideal customer.

My practical approach ensures that your time and energy is best utilised. With my experience, skills and knowledge, I ensure that the business has a sound foundation from which to develop and grow.

My objective

To be the most respected source of guidance, support and inspiration for entrepreneurs looking to successfully start, develop or grow their own business.

My Values

  • Inspirational – committed to inspire and provide confidence
  • Honest & Truthful – providing support that can be trusted
  • Dedicated – to my clients success and as defined by our clients.
  • Respectful – respect in others skills, ability and commitment with no personal judgement
  • Challenging – to challenge ourselves and our clients to improve. Open to challenge myself.
  • Innovative – to be creative in my thinking and original in my ideas, as one size does not fit all
  • Results driven – focused on solutions and impact
  • Plain English – provide simple and clear explanations, personalising my language and avoiding high level jargon
  • First Class – providing a first class experience, to exceed expectations, at every touch point
  • Share my passion – I commit to share my passion for entrepreneurship and success in business.
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